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NXNE 2012. Here we go…

One of the first sessions this am.  Here we go.  Was at SXSW.  How do the sessions stack up…

Strategies for pitching new clients:

Ok so far i like the speaker.  he’s engaging.  but i’m not feeling to optimistic that this content is for senior people.  One line i really liked however was this:

Guy Kawasaki’s rule of thumb: 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 pt font

Rest of the session was on the best practices on writing proposals and pitch decks.  Net, use pics, don’t feel confined by any “rules”, and don’t chest thump too much.  Be earnest.  Here are some notes just in case it is useful.  My takeaway, this guy has never pitched a fortune 500 company before so his POV is based on being real, in your sneakers, and just talking.  Doesn’t always work in multi-national agencies but interesting to hear his perspective. 

Here it is:

  • When your clients ask for leave behinds or a follow-up of the presentation, you don’t have to send it as ppt just because it was presented in that format.
  • Think about how you can stand-out with the follow up.  Think Direct Marketing.
  • Pitching doesn’t have to be the answer to a request.  It can be proactive.  Have a list of who you would like to work with and follow them.  If opportunities present themselves, contact them directly.  If you share a passion or vision then you can find ways of collaborating to produce kick-ass work.

Indirect Pitching

Common Craft as an example.  Giving away their work online.  They could hold back but they post everything to be shared and ripped.

Make your work wearable

What can you make and giveaway that presents your work or agency in a creative, clever way that will stick with prospects.  Literally.


Write about projects you worked on.  Show emails, tweets, conversations between clients that show the process that led to the successful campaign.

Client wishlist

  • List the industries you like
  • Define your ideal traits for the type of company you want to be working with
  • Make a targeted list